Mother of Mercy Academy Mission

Christ is the reason for this school.  Our tradition of academic excellence develops the whole child through knowledge and understanding, without regard to race, color, creed, or national origin.  We foster the gifts, talents, and uniqueness of each person and empower all students to be lifelong learners, living in close relationship with God. With compassion, we nurture a positive self-image and provide opportunities for growth: culturally, intellectually, morally, physically, socially, and spiritually. Through the teaching of the Gospels, our students will become informed, responsible citizens of the State, Church, and God’s Kingdom. 

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In partnership with the parents, it is the school’s privilege and responsibility to guide the child in the development of values. The Christian values of tolerance and respect are particular goals to be developed, not only individually, but as a school community. Opportunities are provided for the child to grow in understanding the need for friends, for acceptance, and for security and to accept the obligation of being all that one can become.

Academic Excellence

The school endeavors to impart a quality academic program with emphasis on basic skills, a variety of learning experiences, and problem-solving techniques. Academic excellence will enable the student to become an informed, responsible Catholic citizen.

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At Mother of Mercy Academy, clergy, administration, faculty, and parents work together on the four-fold purpose of Catholic education: deliver the GOSPEL MESSAGE give SERVICE build COMMUNITY WORSHIP.