Meet The MMA Faculty & Staff

Meet our esteemed and exceptional faculty and staff!  All of our teachers are highly qualified and have up-to-date certification requirements for their particular teaching assignments. Our teachers are committed to lifelong learning and undergo frequent professional development opportunities to further their own understanding of student support, content, and technology.

Mother of Mercy Administrative Staff

Mr. Don Militzer, Principal -

Mrs. Tina Allen, Secretary -

MMA Pre-School- 4-Year-Old All Day

Mrs. Sue Lydon -



KA- Mrs. Sarah Foster (Miss Miller) -

KB- Mrs. Erica Haakensen -

KC- Mrs. Lisa Jarosh -

1st Grade

1A- Mrs. Kathleen Hickey -

1B- Miss Anngela Monaco -

2nd Grade

2A- Mrs. Mary Beth Baumgardner -

2B- Mrs. Bridget Carozza -

Mrs. Vicki Goodman -

3rd Grade

3A- Mrs. Cheryl Kundrat -

3B- Mrs. Renee Skoff -

4th Grade

4A- Mrs. Andrea Lattimer -

4B- Ms. Diana Maresch -

5th Grade

5A- Ms. Michaele Tynan -

5B- Mrs. Laura Huebner -

6th Grade

6A- Mrs. Cynthia Phillifent (Middle School Religion) -

6B- Mrs. Susan Morgan (Middle School Social Studies) -


7A- Mrs. Kathleen Criss (Middle School Language Arts) -

8th Grade

8A- Mrs. Christie Gray (Middle School Science) -

8B- Mr. Joe Mszanski- (Middle School Math) -


Music- Mrs. Michelle Keiper -

Art- Mrs. Amanda Scully -

Gym/Health- Mrs. Tracy Bekavac -

Tech Ed.- Mrs. Lyndsey Lytle -

Library- Ms. Jamie Ward (Middle School Language Arts) -

Spanish- Karina Kurzawski -

Before-and-After Care

Miss Anngela Monaco -


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