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What is the Father Haney Angel Fund?

The Father Haney Angel Fund is an independent, Parish-sponsored fund established in 2020 in memory and recognition of Father Haney and his many contributions to St. Gabriel School throughout his life.  It was established to support Father Haney’s life mission of providing Catholic education to any child, regardless of their financial means.  With the introduction of a tuition-based model in 2020 and a substantial increase for the 2021-2022 academic year, the Father Haney Angel Fund will provide immediate benefits to children of Our Lady of Hope Parish who may not otherwise be able to attend our amazing Catholic school.  We hope to continue the legacy of St. Gabriel at Mother of Mercy Academy by carrying on Father Haney’s good work.

Who is eligible?

Any Our Lady of Hope Parishioner attending Mother of Mercy Academy (formerly St. Gabriel/St. Elizabeth schools).  Families must first complete the FACTS Financial Aid Application as a pre-requisite to apply to the 
Father Haney Angel Fund.  Upon completion of the FACTS application, families must complete the Google form application.  Last, students must be formally enrolled at Mother of Mercy Academy.  Students can enroll online via the school website here.  Once these items are completed, financial needs will be evaluated and funds will be committed.

How can I help?

Our Lady of Hope Parish offers a designation for the Father Haney Angel Fund via their online giving platform and contributions can be made via check by writing “Father Haney Angel Fund.”  We are excited to announce the creation of annual events to support the Father Haney Angel fund, furthering his mission to continue to provide Catholic education to all children regardless of their financial means.  We will celebrate our first annual Father Haney Angel Fund Day of Giving, “All In 4 Haney” (formerly All In 4 Gabes) in May and will host the Father Haney Golf Outing in September.  Proceeds from these events will exclusively benefit the Father Haney Angel Fund.  Donate by clicking the button below and selecting "Fr. Haney Angel Fund from the drop menu to designate your contribution appropriately.

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